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Drury by Name but Not by Nature Posted On 19 November 2021

Get to Know one of Windsor’s Oldest Eateries

The Drury House is right in the heart of Windsor town at Number 4 Church Street. It is an old established family restaurant offering meals as close to homemade cooking as you can get. 

Although it is one of Windsor’s oldest eateries, Drury house has not always been a restaurant. It was built in the reign of King Charles I, in 1645. It was built originally to house the staff from Windsor Castle, until it became part of the abode of Nell Gwyn, Charles II’s favourite Mistress. To accommodate their secret liaisons, a tunnel was built between the Drury House and the Castle, enabling Nell Gwyn to have a secret rendezvous with the King at a moment’s notice. 

The tunnel is still in existence to this day, though for security reasons have been partially blocked off. In fact, if you were to venture down to the sub-basement of Number 4 Church Street, you would see the clearly visible end of a bricked-up tunnel. As Windsor is built on chalk, tunnelling through to a point within the castle grounds would have been comparatively easy.

Coming up from Drury House’s basement the stairs are small and narrow, winding up through the subterranean levels and three floors above. In design it is a typical Stuart period town house retaining much of the layout of the original house and wood panelling appropriate to the late 1600s.

Drury House is now a unique restaurant and tearoom, specialising in homemade pastries, puddings, and pies, we also serve homemade gateaux, cream teas and high tea.

Opening hours are as follows: Sunday to Thursday – 10 am to 7 pm, Friday and Saturday – 10 am to 8 pm. Whether you fancy a light lunch of black forest smoked ham or the hearty Drury burger with onion rings, chipotle mayo and sweet potato chips, it’s well worth a visit. Local residents can make use of their advantage card to receive a tasty discount. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Number 4 Church Street to sample some delicious food in an intriguing setting.

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